A-STEM for Life Programs (grade 6-8)

Join us in Morgantown, WV for a summer of STEM learning. In the week-long 2015 Summer Day Camp A-STEM for Life programs, students use basic visual art and math skills to assess criteria and make recommendations for improving the efficiency or environmental impact. Students must employ scientific inquiry and explore artistic talents (hypothesis testing and investigate science behind innovative art); technology (software design, programming, and mobile apps); engineering (solving for a variety of unknowns, architecture, energy efficiency, computing weighted averages of heat conductance factors); and algebra and geometry (volumes, areas of 3 dimensional structures). View the A-STEM for Life camp form to learn more!

Contact STEMPLOY to find out more about each camp or complete the camp contact and medical Program Registration Packet to reserve your spot. Visit the following link for requirements on the STEMPLOY Camp Information. Stay tuned for more details of 2015 summer camps!



Astronomy, June 22-26. During the astronomy camp students will be divided into teams and assigned a unique project in which they will collect their own data using high level telescopes. Each team will have an astronomy mentor and scientist advisor. Participants will investigate their project throughout the week, with daily research to build their understanding of the solar system, and science and math focused problems to broaden understanding of other STEM fields. The Arts will be incorporated in daily “seminars,” hosted by art teachers, in which students can choose among creative activities that interest them. Each day will close with whole-group team building activities, science talks by NRAO astronomers, and reflective discussions led by experts in the field of Astronomy. The Camp Agenda details the weekly activities and sessions.

Mobile Technology

Mobile Technology, July 6-10. The mobile game design program will advance students’ skills in software engineering while creating mobile games using Unity3D and the all-new 2D tools for both Apple iOS and Android. Students will learn the basic of object-oriented programming and JavaScript and explore publishing games for mobile distribution. During the camp, students will design a new game, create visual images and artwork, identify the game strategy, and code the program. The focus of the camp is on “How to be an innovator and entrepreneur” while teaching students how to explore interactive solutions, write a business plan, and design games that can be used on mobile phones, laptops, or devices. The Camp Agenda details the weekly activities and sessions. Play Craig’s game, To The Top!