About Us

STEMPLOY works with employers, professional groups, educational institutions, women’s organizations and networks, policy establishments and the government to connect women in the STEM fields with opportunities for professional growth. By facilitating professional relationships, internships and job placement STEMPLOY will promote gender equality and diversity in STEM fields.

STEM Goals

Advance opportunities for women in STEM fields by:

  • Creating a social network of women in the STEM fields
  • Spotlighting professional opportunities for women in STEM
  • Encouraging, facilitating and offering professional and educational resources
  • Promoting the achievements and capabilities of STEM professional women and interns
  • Inviting the best businesses (Stemployers) in the field of STEM to become members and begin to shift the tendency of male-dominated staffs
  • Inviting women to actively help other women in the STEMPLOY network by facilitating mentor-protege relationships
  • Becoming the leading resource hub for learning about STEM programs and practices throughout the U.S. designed to broaden the participation of women in STEM