Station_Electric MetersSTEMPLOY provides outreach and networking opportunities for elementary and middle school students while working with universities, industry professionals, and educators. Students learn best about the many careers in STEM fields by visiting industry sites, listening to guest speakers, and learning from experts and college students.

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Join our membership to help us initiate interaction among experts and improve the reponsiveness and appropriateness of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics  (STEM) curriculum and internship opportunities as required by learners, educators, professional agencies, higher education institutions, and industry.

P1260391At STEMPLOY, we understand that STEM careers are critical to our environment, our economy, and our global impact by cultivating opportunities for innovation and research. Our primary focus is on providing meaningful learning experiences for students, STEM focused career options, and future employment where students can excel in STEM fields. The STEMPLOY Network is dedicated to the advancement of entrepreneurs, and especially professional STEM women, by bringing them together in a casual setting and encouraging group interaction and learning among the members. There is a shortage of women mentors in the STEM fields which makes it more difficult for female students to find a mentor to help them while working as an intern or at a new job. These connected mentor and networking sessions aim to alleviate this gap by providing open discussions and presentations from experts in the various STEM fields.

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