A-STEM for Life Summer Camps (grade 6-8)

2014 Summer Camps (CLOSED) [Current Camps, go to 2015 Summer Camps]

Join us in Morgantown, WV for a summer of STEM learning. Register now for the A-STEM for Life (registration form) camps. In the week-long 2014 Summer Day Camp A-STEM for Life programs (A-STEM for Life Camp flyer), students use basic visual art and math skills to assess criteria and make recommendations for improving the efficiency or environmental impact. Students must employ scientific inquiry and explore artistic talents (hypothesis testing and investigate science behind innovative art); mobile technology (software design, programming, and mobile apps); robotic engineering (solving for a variety of unknowns, computer programming, solving robot missions); and science behind cooking (mixtures, chemical reactions, flavor enhancing).

Contact STEMPLOY to find out more about each camp or complete the camp contact and medical Program Registration Packet in addition to the Registration Form to sign-up. Visit the following link for requirements on the STEMPLOY Camp Information. Fill out the form to reserve your spot now for next summer, 2014. Registration is open!

Mobile Technology

Jun 16-20, 2014: Mobile Technology is a planned session in 2014 for campers entering grades 6-8. Expand knowledge and skills for designing with mobile technology. This mobile design camp teaches the fundamentals of games and design using smartphones and mobile devices. Aim to increase interest in software engineering and mobile technology of young entrepreneurs. Learn how to design a game, program and code, and refine strategies, business models and marketing pitches for investors and peers. Facilitated by WVU engineering & computer science graduate students. View the Mobile Technology Camp Agenda 

Green Engineering

Jul 7-11, 2014: Robotic Engineering is a planned session in 2014 for campers entering grades 6-8. Explore how to become a robotics’ engineer while designing robots using LEGO MINDSTORMS® technology and robotic tools. Develop problem-solving, organizational, and team-building skills to compete in First Lego League and First Tech Challenge Tournaments. Expand knowledge of science and math in a hands-on motivating workshop. Facilitated and hosted by the Mountaineer Area RoboticS (MARs) Team. View the Robotic Engineering Camp Agenda.

Aug 4-8, 2014: Scientific Chef is a planned session in 2014 for campers entering grades 6-8. Work with an expert Chef learning how delicious food is grown, prepared, and enjoyed. Indulge your passion for cooking, baking, and learning the math and science behind how healthy food is enhanced during the cooking process. Learn about temperature, mixtures, and what creates flavor and changes the color of food. Facilitated by WVU chemistry and agriculture graduate students. View the Scientific Chef Camp Agenda.