An organic network of women helping women.

STEMPLOY’s mission is to facilitate real, organic relationships that are based on core educational and professional values. We do not charge for our memberships and encourage professional and career-driven STEM Women to join our network.

We are interested in building our membership of women in the STEM fields looking for employment or college students looking for internships. Joining our membership gives you an opportunity to network with women in fields of work and study similar to your own. In addition, with your STEM Woman membership you will gain exclusive access to our website which will allow you to

  • Enjoy 24-hour access to Stemployer job listings
  • Conveniently view Stemployer profiles and receive first updates when new jobs become available
  • Post your resume so Stemployers can find you
  • Use our free online STEM-career resources

Who qualifies to be a STEM Woman?

1. You must be a female working or studying in one of the STEM fields: science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

You’d be surprised at how many women fall into these categories. Nearly every large organization, academic program or independent business requires the successful utilization of one of the STEM fields. Not sure you fit? Here are some traditional (and non-traditional) STEM occupations.


Political science, divers, park rangers, psychologists, health educators, astronomers, nurses, physicians, dentists, genetics counselors, soil scientists and meteorologists


Software developers, database administrators, web developers, computer systems analysts, computer programmers, civil engineers, social media professionals, digital communications professionals and graphic designers


CAD technicians, chemical engineers, landscape architects, transportation planners, petroleum engineers, mapping technicians, nuclear engineers, architects and aerospace engineers


Computer hardware engineers, multimedia artists/animators, statisticians, network analysts, computer programmers, economists, math teachers and remote sensing scientists

2. You must be interested in gaining support from STEMPLOY and furthering their mission by sharing your knowledge with other members of the network. 

STEMPLOY is an organization deeply rooted in the philosophy that women can and should help other women. We believe that every woman working in the STEM fields has something to share with the colleagues or young women looking to enter the workforce. We encourage all of our members to participate in our course and network development and rely heavily on this standard of participation when accepting women into our network.

Become a STEMPLOY Woman today!